Alsager Pottery

Traditional English Slipware Established 1978


Patterned Plates

Alsager Pottery Slipware Platters and Chargers are tomorrow's heirlooms and antiques. Their high quality, eye-catching colours and patterns with historical resonance never fail to please. They are hand-thrown in our small family workshop using local red clay.

The ancient decorating technique of slip-trailing lends itself to freehand interpretation of historic patterns and lettering. A range of colours and sizes is offered and we send plates anywhere in the world.

All plates can be made in 12" and 10" diameter, are hand thrown and turned with a wiring rim for easy display without the use of a plate hanger.


Each piece is available in any of the following colours


Black Blue    
White Green    



Rim Decoration Feather Pattern
  Lozenge Pattern
  Single Hoop Pattern
  Double Hoop Pattern
  Trellis Pattern
  Heart Pattern

Some Examples




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